fucking smile

fucking smile was posted on the official web site. listen:
- 03/08/03


sign up to win limited edition german ep. there's also a media player with a el cielo theme on that page. it's all here.
- 12/21/02

www.dredg.com / poetry

big update over there. see for yourself.

here is poetry written by gavin from the mother nature's nectar(escaping time) video at dredg.com. read it. it was transcribed by eric payne.
- 12/14/02

same ol' road video

same ol' road streams are available:

windows media
real audio
thanks james for the heads up
- 11/07/02

official lyrics / dcbtfoabaaposba

the german dredg web site has the official lyrics for el cielo. get it here or go to the audio/video section of the german web site.

check this out.

- 11/03/02

live mp3s

go to the yatahaze site. it's nice, and it has mp3s from the recent acoustic show in cambell, california.

- 10/19/02

el cielo flash card

from the german dredg web site, there is a flash card with an el cielo theme:

- 10/14/02


the official dredg web site has a new design. get el cielo.

- 10/09/02


el cielo is available for pre-order at cdnow. it also has a different album cover, so go look at it anyways. remember, release date is october 8th!

- 9/28/02

more tour

more tour dates were posted on the official web site. check it out.

- 9/12/02


two t-shirts are available on the official web site. check it out!

- 8/17/02

on the road

a bunch of tour dates have been added on the official web site. looks like dredg will hit the road with taproot and deadsy. check out those dates and catch dredg!

- 7/30/02


the release date for el cielo has been pushed to october 8th. this date also tentative. thanks prp.

- 7/16/02

el cielo / streetwise

a tentative date has been set for el cielo : october 1st. in september, same ol' road is expected to be released as the first single off the album.

dredg is a featured act on the new streetwise dvd series available in stores now. the dvd has music and video from dredg along with many other bands.

- 7/04/02


the epk has been released for el cielo, check it out in windows media or real video.

- 7/02/02

taking a leak

a message has been posted on the official dredg site regarding the download of new songs prior to their official release. check it out.

- 6/22/02

top single

in germany, 'of the room' has dredg ranked 5th on a chart for the top singles in the month of june. 'of the room' was released on 'extended play for the eastern hemisphere' exclusively in europe. check out the chart here.

- 6/21/02