some facts on this page were provided by mik and others.
the leitmotif track "lechium" was supposed to be spelled " l'echium ". it was mispelled on the track listing. - j.farzalo
the dredg "symbol" is derived from a chinese character (seen on gray dredg t-shirt, and brown tshirt sleeve). the chinese character means 'chameleon', or 'change'.
the image on the brown dredg t-shirt is from an m.c. escher book. click here for more on maurits cornelis escher.
drew does all the paintings seen at dredg shows.
dredg used to be a "rapcore" band.
the sound of an apple being bit into can be heard in the introduction to "90 hour sleep".
during the improvisational bit (seceret track) at the very end of "leitmotif", gavin can be heard singing the lyrics to "penguins in the desert".
here a web site about the sanzen temple. the band has a song named "sanzen". this was sent to me by j. farzarlo.
top ten albums of 2001
1. couch - "profane"
2. tori amos - "strange little girls"
3. the black heart procession - "three"
4. godspeed you black emperor - "lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven"
5. various artists - "requiem for a dream soundtrack"
6. boom bip and dose one - "circle"
7. greg ellis - "kala rupa"
8. muse - "origin of symmetry"
9. division day - "division day"
10. rachel's - "music for egon schiele"
top ten books...
1. the celestine prophecy
2. the secret life of salvador dali
3. the tao of pooh
4. way of the peaceful warrior
5. kama sutra
6. toa te ching
7. the pink floyd oddyssey
8. the tenth insight
9. cunt
10. american heritage dictionary