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austin, tx
my friend and i drove 3 and a half hours from dallas to see dredg in austin, and were rewarded with an amazing (but sadly brief) 30 minute set. in line, we met several other people that had driven from dallas, and even some guys that drove from iowa to see dredg that night, and another show in houston the next night. Anyways, after some hassle at the venue with our will-call tickets, they let us in. the capacity was 350-400 or therabouts, and by 10 dredg took the stage. before dredg started, i met mark and talked to him for a bit, and i think i influenced the setlist by bugging him to play "it only took a day", which they did. anyways, here's the setlist. commentary to follow. symbol song same ol' road of the room it only took a day yatahaze the canyon behind her pretty great setlist, and looking at it now, it looks really short. i guess it was, but maybe i'm leaving something out. maybe not. they did lots of extended intros and outros as they went from song to song.
symbol song was great, done with the full outro that goes all the way into crosswind minuet. same ol' road was well done, too, with gavin singing through his trumpet for the "all you need...is a modest house" part at the very end. throughout the set gavin played slide guitar with a saw with some electrical tape on the end, which i couldn't see very well. then of the room, which was stellar, and went right into it only took a day, with an extended intro, which was my highlight of the show. i was somewhat surprised to hear yatahaze, since i thought they would showcase mostly new material, which i guess they still did, but it was great anyways. they closed with the canyon behind her, which was a great closer.
i was really surprised with how many people knew the words. lots of the people i met in line before the show said they were only there to see dredg, which was really cool.
the crowd started chanting for the guys to play another, but gavin had to disappoint by saying they were on a time schedule, which everyone seemed to understand.
after the set, they stood around, signed stuff, and talked to everyone who was around, i personally chatted with gavin for like 30 minutes or so. they were very personable and weren't dicks or anything. very very cool guys.
he said that they are making lots of progress on the leitmotif video, which will be silent (you play the album along to it) and black and white. drew is apparently putting the finishing touches on it and whatnot.
they said they really don't care about the album leaking, they're just glad people want to and are hearing it.
after that, deadsy was shit (we sat on the balcony it was so bad), and taproot was decent, but we had to leave early, with 3 1/2 hours of driving ahead of us.
- chris s.
icon - palo alto, ca
this show was the best I have seen yet. they played for an hour and 15 minutes, it was amazing.
before they even played i could tell something was different...dino's set had some new shit on it, two new paintings were on display...they had two huge dredg symbol banners hanging...it was just different.
then they start off with a bang with symbol song, but they didn't do the intro to it that they normally do live, they did the cd intro, which was way awesome. i was kind of surprised actually, i figured they never played the cd intro because it has two guitar parts, but drew played the other guitar part on his bass.
then, a little later on, they start up penguins in the desert! christ, i have never heard them play this song live, and it was so sweet. the audience went crazy for it. and gavin can still scream! right after this they went into movement IV: rr, which was performed really well, sounded spot on...well, actually, it sounded better than the cd.
another thing they did differently was went into 90 hour sleep right after yatahaze...they did this in petaluma too. it's a good little cooldown after yatahaze, and leads into the canyon behind her nicely.
well, all I can say is I am damn pleased with that concert, it was so solid, so fucking cool. and it's nice to see that they are still messing around with their set.
here's a list of the songs they played, although they are out of order...
symbol song (and movement I), same ol' road, sanzen, new heart shadow, penguins in the desert (and rr), whoah is me, of the room, it only took a day (with an awesome 2 minute intro or so), 18 people live in harmony, triangle, yatahaze (and 90 hour sleep), the canyon behind her.
dino threw his set all around the stage at the end, heh.
- ross t.
brick works - chico, ca - 1/24/02
first off, the 3 bands to open are absolutely horrible. each band sounded exactly the same, like a stripped down version of linkin park. dredg finally came on and started with the symbol song. they proceeded to play several "new" songs, ones which i've never heard before and then they played of the room. this was their last song, they said they were sorry to cut the set short, but they needed more practice. during one of the new songs the bass player was drumming on various pots and pans and he got nutty and hit the spoon too hard and the flying utencil hit my friend in the audience. he picked it up and we met up with the lead singer after the show where he thanked us for coming and he appologized about sounding so rough, we handed him the spoon and asked him to give it back to the bass player. was it worth $8? yeah, only the dredg part, they are truly something to see live, even if they were rough sounding at the time. keys to arson, tenfold and 7th standard: find a new routine.
- justin
brick works - chico, ca - 7/11/01
they played first, not sure what time they actually went on stage but the show must have lasted about 50min. it was all songs i've never heard before; must have played about 10 total. (didnt even play symbol song) i was on the balcony above the guitar player so i couldnt see him. the bass player played the pots n pans with spoons for one song and gavin played the lap steel with a screwdriver ( brought back my helium/polvo days watching ash bowie) the vocals were mostly long drawn out yells giving off that semi-haunting effect. the only stage decorations were some dead trees; manzanita i think, about the same height as the symbols. the stage was tiny tho, barely enough room for everyone. the front row was all girls just watching everything gavin did. there were some small smoke effects every now n then. every now and then gavin would pick up the trombone? (some kind of small horn instrument) and either play a note or two or sing into it creating a cool hollow effect, lke he was far away or something. i think the new album will be awesome.
- christafari